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Types of Delhi Jal Board complaints

  • Delhi Jal Board - Leakage of water
  • Delhi Jal Board - Sewer Line Block
  • Delhi Jal Board - Water Leakage
  • Delhi Jal Board - Dirty water, not supply of fresh water
  • Delhi Jal Board - Damaged pipe line
  • Delhi Jal Board - Open Flow of Sewage
  • Delhi Jal Board - Damaged Pipe Line
  • Delhi Jal Board - Stinking Water
  • Delhi Jal Board - Dirty, smelly water like sewer water
  • Delhi Jal Board - Water not provided but water line is available

One Can Register Their Complaints or any Greviances Through SMS

To register your complaints through SMS, send your Grievance to 53030
Complaint Codes Type of Complaints
DJB (space) L Water Leakage
DJB (space) W Water Not Available
DJB (space) T Water Tank Required
DJB (space) C Water Contamination
DJB (space) R Rain Water Problem
DJB (space) MT Meter Problem
DJB (space) B Sewer Blocakge
DJB (space) BL Billing Problem
DJB (space) M Missing Manhole Cover
DJB (space) GP Others

To Make the System More Effective and Consumer Friendly , the Following Guidelines Should be Followed:-

Types of Complaints/Grievances Actions Taken
1. Billing
i. Wrong Caterization. - On the spot
ii. Waiver of surcharge due to non-receipt of bill before due date. - After verification
iii. Billing on Average Consumption. - On the spot
iv. Fixed Service Charge as per built up area. - Reasons to be verified.
v. Inflated bill. - On the spot
vi. Wrong Meter Reading . - On the spot
vii. Reflecting arrear in subsequent bill for which payment already made. - After verification
2. Replacement of defective water meters.
-To be monitored on regular basis.
3. Others
a. Charging wrong rate of development charges - On the spot.
b. Delay in sanction of New Water Connection. -Reasons to be verified
c. Running of unauthorized water connection. - To be checked immediately and if necessary FIR may be lodged.
d. Delay in boring permission. - To be checked immediately and if necessary FIR may be lodged.
e. Non –disconnection of water connection even after request - On the spot.
f. Cost of water for construction. - On the spot.
g. Imposing wrong penalty of unauthorized boring. - On the spot.